The first comprehensive spot guide to the kite- and windsurfing regions of the world! 9 continental chapters, almost 100 regions, over 1,200 spots. Includes in depth explanations of wind, wave and weather conditions throughout the year and authentic travel information. 320 pages, 700 breathtaking photos and detailed maps of every region. more

The ultimate spot guide for kiting and windsurfing in Europe is now rereleased in a completely revised edition!

Over 40,000 kilometres of coastline, 17 countries and a comprehensive 2,500 spots – that's 50 percent more than before! The all-new Europe Guide is packed full of accurate local knowledge of wind and waves, plus...

  • Your books are a dream come true! (Francisco Goya, PWA Wave World Champion)
  • A fantastic book, every kiter and windsurfer simply should have one! (KITE Magazine)
  • This spotguide sets the standard! (BOARDS UK)
  • The spot almanach - an absolute must for the traveling surfer! (Surf Magazine)
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