It's all about getting stoked!

As kiters and windsurfers, two questions occupy our minds: Where shall I go for my next surf-trip? And, once there: Which spot is best today? Whenever we travelled we always wished there was a reliable, comprehensive source of information to answer these questions.

Since such a guide didn't exist, we decided to write it ourselves. Taking the idea seriously, we jacked-in our jobs, gathered all our resources, founded a small publishing company and started working on THE KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDEs. It would turn into one hell of a ride... You know how waves always look smaller from the beach than they really are?

After 3½ years we released the first EUROPE GUIDE and 4 years later the long awaited WORLD GUIDE was completed. Now a completely revised edition of the EUROPE GUIDE is following and then – it never ends... We only work with first-hand information collated from hundreds of experienced locals. Plus pro riders, world champions and legends of our sports contribute their knowledge and experience. At the same time we screen the archives of the world's leading kite and windsurfing photographers to select the best pictures for the books out of umpteen-thousands of action and travel shots.

To make the knowledge of the Guides available on smartphones and tablets, all info is also available as a sensational NAVIGATOR app – and at you can share your pictures and spot info with the worldwide community. There you'll also find contact addresses of shops, schools and gear rental, as well as accommodation, restaurants, hire cars and other insider tips. Last but not least, our facebook page offers news, action and inspiring travel stories from our global network.

With the KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDEs the whole world's fantastic kite and windsurfing venues lie before us like an open book – quite literally! Hundreds of locals from around the globe shared their knowledge, extending a generous invitation to visit their home spots. Let's show our thanks to them by being considerate when visiting these places...

Nature itself deserves our greatest respect though. As watermen we feel such an intensive connection to the ocean that ‘Mother Nature' is more than just a phrase for us. Therefore from the very first edition of the Guide we've introduced worthy organisations and initiatives that depend on our support for their cause, particularly promoting the preservation of oceans and beaches. But we can all take direct action too – if every one of us, every time we went to the beach, simply picked up one plastic bag, tin can or other piece of flotsam and took it to the next bin, we'd not only be doing nature a service that could last for decades, we'd also be directly contributing to finding our spots the way we want to.

Salute & keep getting stoked!

Signature: Udo & Nicole